Hi everyone,

We are really excited to let you know the farm project has reached another milestone. The soybean field is being cleared and prepared for planting!
This planting project is exciting for several reasons.
First, the planting is timed so that the rainy season will help water the crop. That will make it much easier on the farm team.
Second, the soybean crop is a big 1st farm effort, but achievable, so it will provide a big impact.
Third, clearing the smaller trees on the land is providing the Needs Care School with 3 months of firewood. The moms use firewood every day to cook the porridge the children receive for lunch. The school pays for the firewood, so this is a real cost savings.
We want to extend a huge thanks to each of you for supporting the farm project. Without your help – this could not happen! We are getting closer to our goal – please continue to pray with us that people will join in this important effort.
Here are some pictures of the project that we thought you’d enjoy seeing.
Grateful for you,
David, Jason & Esther