Farm Manager Hired

Farm Manager Hired

Hi Three Esthers Farm Friends,

Big News – we are wrapping up construction of the Caretakers House. Here are pictures of the new house in the final stage of construction:


Caretaker Update: A great Caretaker is now on the property too. Nicolas Banda is the new caretaker. Here is a picture with his wife, Lillian, six children,  and son-in-law & two grandchildren.

We asked Esther to share more about Nicolas,


Nicholas has been a local farmhand for 18 years. When we started our projects at the farm, he was there to help in lots of ways.

When we started the building of the Caretaker’s House I had all the construction materials delivered at once for budget reasons. To make sure it wasn’t stolen Nicholas and his Son-in-law slept outside to guard it. He has been helping with small jobs without any payment and no supervision. He is so trustworthy.

Nicholas and Lillian have been married since 1993 and they have six children. Their oldest daughter is married and has two children of her own. She is going to stay in their old house. So this is a great blessing to their family.


1st Crop Update: The soybean crop is coming together nicely – the plants are getting big!


Thank you for your ongoing support! There is still plenty of work to do and your financial support makes that possible. We welcome your ongoing support!

David and Jason