Legacy Giving

Donor-Advised Funds

It is simple to give a gift from your Donor-Advised Fund. Working with your fund manager, recommend a grant supporting Sew Powerful and provide your fund manager with the desired gift amount. Your fund manager will send the gift amount directly to Sew Powerful.

The Sew Powerful EIN (45-3327800) will be needed to complete the request.

Please ask to have your name and address included with your gift. We want the information to express our appreciation for your generosity.

Giving from a Retirement Account

Retirement Assets are tax-deferred retirement accounts and include profit sharing, IRAs, 401(k), and 403(b). The Consolidated Appropriations act of 2016 allows donors 70 ½ or older to give funds to a qualified ministry tax-free up to a limit of $100,000. The Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) can be a tax-free transfer of Retirement funds to Sew Powerful. The QCD made from these accounts may be excluded from gross income, provided specific provisions are met. Such gifts may also satisfy the required minimum distributions (RMD) for the year when the QCD is made. Please consult with your Retirement Account Administrator for specific details. Once Sew Powerful receives your gift, you will receive a non-deductible gift acknowledgment to express our appreciation for your generosity.

Designating Sew Powerful as a death beneficiary on any retirement account also avoids taxes. Please consult with your Retirement Account Administrator on the process to complete this designation.

Corporate Matching Funds

Many companies offer matching gift programs and will match most charitable contributions by Employees. By completing a matching gift form (online or on paper), you may be able to double or even triple the impact of your gift. Some companies even match donations made by retirees or spouses. Some programs will also award money to Sew Powerful for volunteer hours. Please contact your company's HR Department to learn what resources may be available to you.


Giving in Honor

Sew Powerful is honored to receive gifts that you send in honor of a special event or a person's passing. We provide cards you can use to notify the individual of your donation. Your gift will be tax-deductible. Learn more here.

In-Kind Donations

Sew Powerful would love to receive your In-Kind donations of fabric or trim that can be used in our purses. We package these materials as thank-you gifts to donors at quilt shows which is helpful to cover the cost of our quilt booth. Quilt shows have been one of the most effective ways for Sew Powerful to let others know about our ministry and use the purses to keep girls in school. They may also be used as special giveaways to purse makers and financial donors.

For in-kind donations other than purse-making supplies, we would like to discuss them before you donate. For all in-kind contributions, please email Jason Miles (jason@sewpowerful.org) before sending them to Sew Powerful. We are grateful for your generosity in helping grow the ministry.