Fall 2020 3 Esthers Farm Update

Fall 2020 3 Esthers Farm Update

It's been an exciting growing season at the 3 Esthers Farm! We've had the largest Cabbage crop in our history, as well as exciting news in the orchard. Here's the full update:

Cabbage & Vegetable Garden Harvest

The food production in the vegetable garden is getting stronger and stronger each year. 

  • We're thrilled that this year the Cabbage Harvest was over 2,000 heads.
  • We've had a terrific onion harvest too - are biggest yet.
  • The tomatoes are doing very well too.
  • The 

Here's a quick video of the harvest process:


Orchard Update

  • Bananas: We are so excited to announce that we are going bananas! Our banana orchard (planted in May 2019) is starting to put on fruit. 
  • Papaya: The Papaya orchard is looking very healthy, so we're adding more trees and expanding it.
  • Guava and Avocado: These aren't doing well at all - so we're removing them  to make room for the Papaya.

Here is a quick video of the little baby bananas:

We are incredibly grateful for everyone that is supporting the mission and purpose of the farm. It's because of your support that we're able to fulfill our mission - of feeding hungry kids (and providing good jobs) in Zambia!

Honored to partner with you,