The Problem

At the largest community school in Ngombe Compound, the worst urban slum in Lusaka, 1,200 children need a good lunch each day, but the school doesn’t have funding for it. So they just get a bowl of porridge. That’s not good enough. Many of the kids are HIV Positive and on ARV Medication, but it requires good nutrition to work – and that is a huge problem!

Our Solution

Our beautiful 10 acre farm is just 20 minutes away and fully dedicated to solving this problem by growing nutritious food for the children in healthy and sustainable ways.

Your Help

With your help we can expand the production of the farm, increase and food yields, and get the children healthy. Your support is vital because we have no big grants, or corporate sponsors – it’s just us – joining together – to make a difference.

Become A Monthly Sponsor

Your monthly support will enable us to fulfill our mission and continue to feed hungry kids. Note: The 3 Esthers Farm is a special project of Sew Powerful, a Washington State 501C3.

Options For Monthly Support